The Dream of a Bird-Snake 

Pencil on paper, A5 , 2015

I had a dream. I woke up and I tried to remember it. These are some fragments of that. Texts are: / The Castle / – this is the castle where the nights never ends. and in the night, the night itself was endless. like the fire over the light. / A Dialogue / – just tell me a story while when why. I will listen and you will learn something new. / Rabbitman / – there I met a man but this man was a rabbit or a bird with the face of a rabbit but no ears just the feeling of being a rabbit. and it was like if  a great sea all of a sudden was ready to rise between you and us. / The Bird-Snake / – then I see a snake with the tale like a bird and they point out at me


The Dream of a Birdsnake. The Castle, 2015

A Dialogue

The Dream of a Birdsnake. A Dialogue, 2015


The Dream of a Birdsnake. Rabbitman, 2015


The Dream of a Birdsnake. The Birdsnake, 2015