Corridor III: Valdemar Daa

To introduce the main topics (Transmutation, Obsession for the Impossible, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the History of Alchemy) of the exhibition Corridor III: Valdemar Daa, I realized 4 posters freely inspired by the classic design of a book page. In the frame of “Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017“, the show took part at Viborg Kunsthal (DK) and it was curated by the Berlin-based collective insitu. Invited artists: Jenny Brockmann, Irina Birger, A/A – Andreas Greiner & Armin Keplinger, Kitty Kraus, Alicja Kwade, Helene Hellmich, huber.huber, Julian Rosefeldt, Elsa Salonen, Nika Fontaine, Scene Everything, Troika, Virginie Yassef.

Format A0, 2017.

Corridor 3: Valdemar Daa @ Viborg Kunsthal

Graphic design → “Corridor 3: Valdemar Daa” (2017)

Corridor 3: Valdemar Daa @ Viborg Kunsthal

Corridor 3: Valdemar Daa @ Viborg Kunsthal

Corridor 3: Valdemar Daa @ Viborg Kunsthal

(below) Corridor III: Valdemar Daa. Fortaellinger Om Vinden (Stories of the Wind) (2017). The booklet was published on the occasion of the same exhibition. It includes Hans Christian Andersen’s tale “The Wind Tells About Valdemar Daae And His Daughters” (1859) – inspired by a story about the Danish alchemist Valdemar Daa – and “Laborious and the Wind: Three Acts of Alchemy [Audio Guide Script]“, written by Nicholas Mortimer (After H.C. Andersen) for the Scene Everything multimedia installation. Danish and English versions, 24 pages, A5 format, b/w.