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wreck, 2018

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falling in the wreck_1

wreck (#1), 2018

falling in the wreck_2

wreck (#2), 2018

falling in the wreck _3

wreck (#3), 2018

Untitled: for a letter (2018)

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untitled (cock nest)

Untitled (cock nest), 2018

untitled (il cuore di carne)

Untitled (il cuore in carne), 2018

untitled (rising)

Untitled (rising city blur), 2018

Untitled (The Offer to A. T.), 2018

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untitled (landscapes littlle fly)

untitled. The Offer (Landscape for a Little Fly), 2018

untitled (flowing cells ar river drops)

untitled. The Offer (Flowing Cells are River Drops), 2018

untitled (landscape for an offer)

untitled. The Offer (Landscape for an Offer), 2018

untitled (oltre lo specchio)

untitled. The Offer (In the Mirror), 2018

untitled (tarkowsky_sketch)

untitled. The Offer (Tarkowsky’s Room), 2108

Illustration _ DUMMY MAGAZINE

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DUMMY MAfGAZINE nr. 61_2018

Illustrations → DUMMY Magazine, nr. 61, “Schwarz und Weiss” (2018)

DUMMY MAfGAZINE nr. 61_2018
DUMMY MAfGAZINE nr. 61_2018