Manifestolibri Kids Graphic design and illustrations of "Raccontati a ragazze e ragazzi", a book series for young readers (age 12-16 years old). For this project I have designed a special new publisher logotype. Each title: 170 x 240 mm, 64 pages, 4/4. 2011 - ongoing See also: Manifestolibri, and the illustrations for the books Il 1968, Gli anni 70, La liberta', I palazzi della politica

manifestolibri kids

Book series design, illustrations → “Raccontati a ragazze e ragazzi” (Manifestolibri, 2011-)

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03_manif kids_72dpi
04_manife kids_ 72dpoi
05_ manif kids _72dpi
06_manif kids_72dpi
07_manif kids_72doi
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10_manif kids_72dpi