K2020 Street Game Graphic design + illustrations for 5 street signs. Graphic guidelines for web developers, 2015. Work commissioned by Tacit Dimension and Climate-KIC Berlin.


Graphic design, Illustration → “K2020 Streetgame” (2015). Homepage. K2020 is a collection of games about the The Klausenerplatz Neighbourhood Climate Protection Concept that aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in the Berlin Klausenerplatz neighbourhood by 2020. To make climate change on site tangible Tacit Dimension have created five Mini Street Games and an Agent Game for smartphones. K2020 is a joint project of the “Metropolitan Utilities Dialogue”, a climate-oriented innovation platform supported by Climate-KIC consisting of leading Berlin utility providers as well as public transportation: BSR, BWB, BVG and Vattenfall.


Playing with the Agenten Code. The first design included also all the illustrations


Above, a 5×5 module is the basic structure for all the pictograms


The grid has to be flexible enough to contain all the informations, without loosing playfulness


The 5 panels



The concept behind the illustrations is to mix and play between pure digital image and photography


First design and illustrations for panel not realized