Grimmuseum Art Direction. Development of the corporate design i.e logo, all printed materials regarding exhibitions, events and PR, including individual graphic designs for each of the three exhibition programs: Grim Projects, Whistle, Minotaure! and Extension Series, 2009-2016 Grimmuseum is an non-profit artist-run exhibition space and platform for visual, performance and sound art in the premises of the former Luise Grimm Museum in the Fichte Strasse 2 in Kreuzberg. Grimmuseum opened in january 2010 and has been showing more than 200 international artist.


Visual identity, Art direction, design → “Grimmuseum”. Above, logotype


A conceptualized architectonical element of the exhibition space gave the impulse for the logotype design (Here, exhibition view of “MOTION DAZZLE – At the Turn of the River”, by Merete Vyff Slyngborg, 2012. Photo by Laura Gianetti).

What is to be Chinese?, 2012

Invitation for the exhibition “What is to be Chinese?” with Kyungwoo Chun, FX Harsono, Truong Ngu, Tintin Wulia, David Zink Yi and curated by Katerina Valdivia Bruch, 2012


Invitation for Cia Rinne’s show “Sounds for Soloists”, curated by Solvey Helweg Ovesen, 2012

Neither here nor there, 2013

Invitation for “Neither Here Nor There. Contemporary Irish” with Mark Curran, Benjamin de Burca, Maurice Doherty, David Hedderman, Jane Hughes, Sophie Iremonger, Eoin Llewellyn, LiFeLooP (aka Séamus O’Donnell) and curated by Jane Hughes & Enda O´Donoghue, 2013


Poster for “POST-WAR and CONTEMPORARY” with Ingvild Hovland Kaldal & Alfred Boman and curated by Jonatan Ahlm Brenander, 2011


Exhibition texts and wall display (Photos by Laura Gianetti)

X O, 2012

Handwritten logotype for “X O”, group show including Benjamin de Burca, Hiwa K., Phanos Kyriacou, Grischa Lichtenberger, Pia Linz, Federico Maddalozzo, Anna Oppermann, Nasan Tur, Kara Uzelman, Jan Vormann and curated by Silvia Ploner and Anna Schäffler, 2012


Book design of “We Are Not A Museum”. Full project here


Catalogue design of “Never Odd or Even”. Full project here


Book design of “Henry Flynt 2011 Concept Art 50 Years”. Full project here


Catalogue design for “Feather Throat”. Full project here

i dont need enemies_consiglio_short

Catalogue design for “I Don’t Need Enemies”. Full project here

Logotype D12

Graphic design and identity for “Dirty Dozen – D12″, a series of 6 Alter Ego shows, 2010


Projects series, selection of exhibition flyers. Grimmuseum’s program was divided in 3 main sections: Projects for Visual art, Extension Series for Perfomative art and Whistle, Minotaure! for Sound art. Each of the series was defined by their own specific design


Graphic design and identity for Whistle Minotaure!, sound art events curated by Francesco Cavaliere and Marcel Türkowsky


Graphic design and identity for Extension Extra, performance festival in the frame of Extension Series


Graphic design and identity for Extension Series, performance events curated by Andres Galeano