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Wasting Time – Vol. 1 The Nature Edition

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Wasting Time – Vol. 1 The Nature Edition. Installation view, 2018

WastingTime_Vol1_InstallationView_30_AndreaNicolò_Solar Waves Music Score_2017

Solar Waves Music Score (Calligraphic pen on Canson paper, 210 x 297 mm each. As floor installation of six pieces with glasses: dimension variable, 2017) (detail)


I was a kid when I disappeared behind the Sun (Black spray paint on 350 gr. paper, 185 x 135 x 30 mm, metal plates, 2017)

WastingTime_Vol1_InstallationView_34_AndreaNicolo_IwasakidwhenIdisappearedbehindtheSun_2017 copy

From the curatorial statement: “The pursuit of fast growth is changing the way we use and perceive time. Our current perception of time is that it is something that we can control, manipulate and simulate. We live in ever more productive society, that is constantly surrounded and framed in the context of time. In the first Volume of the exhibition series Wasting Time a selected group of mostly Berlin based artists is questioning the meaning of time as an exorable medium of change, forced by (artificial) nature. In various constellations the artists show a shared interest in the notions of time, and the different ways in which the perception of time can be manipulated through (artificial) nature. Current theories about time-production play a significant role inside the exhibition as well as the reflexive treatment of time and its reception as a cultural dominated construction.”