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Illustration_Il 1968 spiegato a ragazze e ragazzi (manifestolibri 2018)

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Il 1968 raccontato a ragazze e ragazzi, Marco Grispigni, manifestolibri, 2018

Book design, Illustrations → “Il 1968…” by Marco Grispigni (manifestolibri, 2018)


All the illustrations are hand-made cut outs and pay open homage to Atelier populaire and the french graphics of the period.


The Black Panther


“Moins de vingt ans voici votre bulletin de vote….”

manifestolibri_marco grispigni_1968

Put flowers in your guns…

manifestolibri_marco grispigni_1968


manifestolibri_marco grispigni_1968

The factory…